by Fleur Elise Noble

ROLE // performer, animation and installation assistant

40th Children's Theatre Festival, Denmark 2010
New Territories International Festival of Live Art, UK 2010
Come Out Australian Festival for Young People, Adelaide 2009
Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre, Wellington NZ 2009
The Print Factory, Massey University, Wellington NZ 2009
Kelburn Primary School, Wellington NZ 2009
Brisbane Festival Under The Radar, Brisbane 2008

2-Dimensional Life of Her is a performance work made of drawing, animation, puppetry, projection and paper. The audience enters a space pregnant with possibility, becoming a part of a multi-dimensional real time artwork that breathes with life. Over the duration of this 40 minute performance, tensions build between surfaces and realities, as the act of creation separates itself from the artist who is responsible for its beginnings. 2-Dimensional Life of Her was the winner of the Best In Fest Award at Brisbane Festival Under The Radar 2008, and continues to tour both nationally and internationally.

2-Dimensional Life Of Her is produced by Insite Arts
Images by Fleur Elise Noble and Anne Noble

2 Dimensional Life of Her from Fleur Elise Noble on Vimeo.