by Little Dove Theatre Art

ROLE // performer and co-devisor

The Street Theatre, Canberra 2011
Gasworks Art Park, Melbourne 2010

Little Dove Theatre Art returns to the stage after numerous sell-out seasons of their debut work Six Women Standing in Front of a White Wall to present this bold new work. Tapping into eternal themes of love, family and mortality, director Chenoeh Miller has created an immersive visual, live art experience driven by the stories and tribulations of a twisted royal family plagued by secrets and jealousy. Serving as a contemporary prequel to Shakespeare’s iconic King Lear, Cordelia follows three sisters through the eyes of the King of France, navigating their way through a harrowing dreamlike retelling of their pasts. Cordelia extends on Miller’s bold, visual and experiential theatre style by amalgamating exquisite imagery, wild storytelling, ironic humor, heightened physical spectacle and images and sounds from an 80’s childhood. What results is a time-warped world that swirls in and out of the past, present and future, illuminating a young woman’s journey to love, truth and freedom.

Conceived and Directed by Chenoeh Miller
Produced by Dave Sleswick & Motherboard Productions
Lighting Design by Hartley T A Kemp
Costume Design by Imogen Keen
Sound Design by Kimmo Vennonen
Choreography by Cristina de Mello
Dramaturgy by Peter Matheson
Poetry by Jenny Morris
Stage Management by Ali Clinch
Make-up Design by Ketura Budd
Graphic Design by John Feely
Images by Sean Young & Cole Bennetts
Co-devised and Performed by Rowan Davie, Erica Field, Hadley, Noa Rotem, Peta Ward and Janine Watson

This project as been supported by Arts ACT, The Street Theatre, Canberra, ACAPTA, Hothouse Theatre, Canberra Youth Theatre and Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne.