ROOM 328
by Daniel Santangeli

ROLE // performer & co-devisor

Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne 2011
World Theatre Festival, Brisbane 2011
Metro Arts FreeRange Festival, Brisbane 2010

Alternative & Hybrid Performance Mis-En-Scene Nominee Green Room Awards 2011
Alternative & Hybrid Performance Conceptual Realisation Nominee Green Room Awards 2011
Alternative & Hybrid Performance Ensemble Performance Nominee Green Room Awards 2011

You don’t know who we are.
Step in. Take our hand. Think of Room 328 as a Neverland for the 21st Century. A space where lost men reside. We are those lost men: River Pheonix, James Dean, the guy throwing the first punch before the new lockout on a Saturday morning.
Screw it. Shoot Jäger. Throw shit at us and we’ll throw it back. Eat cake. Pass out. There will be no pass-outs given. Get up. Run with it.
We are wild and you make us nervous.

Directed by Daniel Santangeli
Produced by Genevieve Trace
Original Set Design by Elise Terranova
Touring Set Design by Yvette Turnbull
Sound Design by Mike Willmett
Lighting Design by Scott Barton
Movement Consultation by Liesel Zink
Performed and Co-Devised by Erica Field, Skye Gellmann, Kieran Law, Rhett Morrow and Andrew Townsend
Originally Performed and Co-Devised also by Dave Sleswick, Robbie O'Brien and Tom McCosker
Original Graphic Design by John Feely
Images by Morgan Roberts