by Little Dove Theatre Art

ROLE // performer

Art, Not Apart Festival, Canberra 2014
Metro Arts Pop Up Bar & Supper Club, APAM Brisbane 2014
2High Festival, Brisbane 2009
Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne 2009
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK 2007
National Multicultural Festival Fringe, Canberra 2007
Rehearsal Room, La Boite, Brisbane 2006

Best Dance Award Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2009
Gasworks Professional Development Award Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2009
Bank of Scotland Herald Angel Award Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2007
Scotland on Sunday Best Direction Award Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2007
Total Theatre Award Nominee (Experimental Theatre) Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2007
Fringe Sell Out Show Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2007

Six Women Standing in Front of a White Wall is an interactive Butoh-inspired performance installation that investigates the effect of TOUCH or NO TOUCH on a human being. Put simply, as per the title, six women stand in front of a white wall and respond truthfully, in all the extremities of human emotion, to the audiences every action… or inaction. At the heart of this work lies the exploration of the physiological need of humans to touch and be touched. The relationship between touch and well-being is more than skin deep. From the moment of our inception as human beings, our tactile sense is being developed. We are pushed out, picked up and placed at our mother’s breast, and a bonding process between two individuals begins. Six Women Standing in Front of a White Wall provides a space where audiences are free to relinquish the imposed social implications of touching strangers and allows the possibility for them to experience true and real connections with six different women – revealing ultimately that touching is an act of love, a way of communicating without words.

Presented by Little Dove Theatre Art
Conceived & Directed by Chenoeh Miller
Produced by Dave Sleswick & Motherboard Productions
Costume Design by Danielle Killick
Performed by Noa Rotem, Kat Henry, Peta Ward, Erica Field, Amy Stephenson, Emma Schofield, Giema Contini, Cristina de Mello, Penny Harpham, Helen Smith, Carly Rees, Fleur Elise Noble, Caroline Francis, Aideen McCartney, Erin Walton, Katie Woodward, Cathy Petocz & Eleanor Roberts
Images by Pling, Silas Brown and Mircha Mangiacotti