by Amantha May & Leah Mercer

ROLE // performer

The Loft (QUT), Brisbane 2006

Using physics and personal story-telling, The Physics Project depicts the memories, preoccupations and formative relationships of two women, an Australian and an American, living in contemporary mediatised society. Melding live performance, video and web-streaming, The Physics Project overlaps an exploration of personal identity with the physics of space (self), time (memory), light (inspiration) and complementarity (the reconciliation of opposites).

Directed by Leah Mercer
Written by Leah Mercer & Amantha May
Presented by Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
Scenic Design by Keiran Swann
Lighting Design by Matt Logan
Visuals by Conan Fitzpatrick
Sound Design by Robert D Clark
Costume Design by Beck Clark & Megan Williams
Performed by Margi Brown-Ash, Erica Field, Hanna Wood, Emily Thomas & Errin Rodger, with Amantha May, William May, Gracie & Georgia.
Images by Marina Wedge