by Still The Monster

ROLE // performer and co-creator

Annie St, Brisbane 2008

Set in a rickety old Queenslander and the cold suburban street outside, Up All Night is a performance installation that investigates the discrepancy between one’s public and private self. As the audience promenade through this quaint little house in the suburbs one finds oneself shocked or hurt or embarrassed, but strangely by what we have all seen or heard or done before. Flowing between the intimate scenes of the bedroom, to the public gallery of a party, this performance encounter probes deep in to those most intimate parts of ourselves, where we are relieved to find that we all harbour the same humanness, in public and in private.

Written & Performed by Still The Monster (Kat Henry, Noa Rotem, Shy Magsalin, Erica Field)
Lighting Design by Dave Sleswick
Stage Management by John Feely
Images by Adam Sebastian West