by Motherboard Productions

ROLE // performer

La Boite Indie, Brisbane 2012
JWCOCA & Brisbane Festival, Brisbane 2011
FreeRange Festival, Brisbane 2011

"…we talk, we talk, it never occurs to us that we'll have to stop talking, hang up and return to the emptiness, the darkness…"

In a sparse room, a woman sits waiting for the phone to ring. The audience is positioned as a voyeur in the ensuing conversation between the woman and her ex-partner as they converse one last time on the day before he is to marry another woman. Wires are crossed, truths are twisted and words misinterpreted in a desperate effort to connect. French dramatist Jean Cocteau's classic masterpiece La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice) is boldly reimagined for a 21st century audience using text, dance, multimedia and bilingual performances in an agonizing depiction of a voice lost in translation. Director Dave Sleswick helms a diverse and talented team of artists to explore the impact of modern technology on communication. With three performers tackling one role, this ambitious full-length work premiered at La Boite Indie 2012 after two developments at Metro Arts' FreeRange and Brisbane Festival's Under the Radar.

Performed in English and Hebrew (with English Surtitles) by courtesy of Mr. Bergé, President of the Comité Jean Cocteau

Directed by Dave Sleswick
Written by Jean Cocteau
Produced by Britt Guy & Motherboard Productions
Dramaturgy by Robbie O'Brien
Production Design by Keiran Swann
Multimedia and Visuals by Brad Jennings & Steven Maxwell
Sound Design by Lawrence English
Lighting Design by Verity Hampson
Creative & Choreographic Consultancy by Brian Lucas
Stage Management by Candice Diana
Assistant Direction by Giema Contini
Production Assisstance by Mollie Yang
Performed by Erica Field, Noa Rotem & Liesel Zink
Images by Gerwyn Davies and FenLan Chuang