by Motherboard Productions

ROLE // performer

12 - 29 November 2014
La Boite Indie, Brisbane

Adapted from Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0, after Euripides, with contributions and dramaturgy by Morgan Rose

Adapted from Euripides’ play and brought to life by a cast of 20 performers, Iphigenia 2.0 is a compelling conversation about the nature of democracy, leadership and the power of the collective voice. Faced with their impending deployment to the Trojan War, a troop of gung-ho soldiers with nothing to lose demand from their leader something unspeakable. Using a sham wedding to the handsome warrior Achilles as bait, Agamemnon lures his daughter to Aulis and sets in motion a chain of events that brings an empire to ruin. Drawing parallels between Greek tragedy, modern warfare and the state of the local political landscape, Or Forever Hold Your Peace is as physically explosive and athletic as it is ephemeral.

Presented by La Boite Indie and Motherboard Productions with the support of QPAC

Directed by Dave Sleswick
Written (Orginal Iphigenia 2.0) by Charles Mee
Additional Writing & Dramaturgy by Morgan Rose
Sound Design by Dane Alexander
Scenography (Lights & Set) by Daniel Anderson
Costume Design by Jennifer Bismere
Stage Management by Candice Diana
Assistant Stage Management by Ariana O’Brien
Performed by Amy Wollstein, Ben Warren, Chris Farrell, Erica Field, Genevieve Butler, Giema Contini, Janine Watson, Jose Gonda, Kieran Law, Kitty Gatling, Peter Cossar, Rowan Davie, Sam Plummer, Steph Tandy, Thomas Bartsch and Robbie O’Brien
Image by Sarah Walker